Attorney Weatherford TX

Attorney Weatherford TX

Whether you need to make a will, create a guardianship, or establish an entire estate plan, you need help from a reputable attorney in Weatherford, TX. It is easy to draft a will and estate plan that will establish your wishes for the distribution of your assets and other items, following your death.

Do I Need A Will?

Every adult should have a last will and testament in place. A will is not just for wealthy people. It is a document that establishes how to handle your estate upon your death. If you pass away without a will, the Texas laws will dictate how to distribute your belongings and assets. The law provides specific details for how your estate will be divided. This is not always the same as how you wish your property will be distributed. Today’s families are complicated with divorce, stepchildren, remarriage, and cohabitation. These complications can make it even more important to put your wishes on paper in a will.

Protect Loved Ones with an Estate Plan

The only way to make sure that your wishes get carried out after your death is with an estate plan. An estate plan can be much more than a will. The estate plan may also include a trust, a health care directive, financial power of attorney, beneficiary designation, and guardianship plan.  You may need some or all of these documents as part of your estate plan. The best estate plans are those that are drafted precisely for your needs. Your estate and probate attorney in Weatherford, TX, will work with you to assess your needs and create a plan that meets your requirements.

What are Guardianships?

A guardianship is a detailed plan that provides information for how you want your minor children raised after your death. You will need to name a guardian for your children, who will become the legal guardians of your children. You can include specific information about how the guardian should provide care. Choosing a guardian is a critical decision that you must take seriously. Make sure that you discuss the decision with the potential guardian ahead of time, so the situation does not come as a surprise if it happens. You can also set up a guardianship for your pets if you like.

Help From an Experienced Attorney in Weatherford, TX

Some people feel that they can write their own will and don’t require any legal guidance. However, you want to make sure the documents you create are legal and will hold up in court and through the probate process. If not, it will be as if you died without a will. For these reasons, you should seek the help of an experienced will and probate attorney in Weatherford, TX. Your attorney will determine your needs and put together the documents that you need to ensure that your property gets distributed to the correct beneficiaries, and the executor will carry out your wishes. Contact The Law Office of Mark E. Harden for complete estate planning services and all your legal needs.




Attorney Weatherford TX