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Welcome to Brentwood Law Group

We are a full-service law firm with over twenty five years of collective experience in general business litigation, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, and judgment enforcement. Our attorneys were trained at some of the best law schools in the country under the direction of nationally renowned jurists. We use cutting-edge tools and innovative processes to lower costs and increase efficiency

Areas of Practice


We handle a broad range of matters including contract negotiation, performance and enforcement, partnership buyouts, development agreements, and asset-purchase agreements.

Real Estate

We secure results in wrongful lien, breach of purchase agreements, adverse possession, commercial eviction, construction disputes, and related matters.

Medical Facilities

Interested in building or operating a medical center? We have helped physicians go from concept to reality on multi-million dollar facilities. We can help you too.


We have represented major financial institutions in pre- and post-judgment remedies and have successfully pursued claims for fraudulent transfer, alter ego, and successor liability.


          The Brentwood Law Group and its affiliates have practiced in the bankruptcy courts of Arizona for over 30 years. We are a creditor practice. If you are a creditor whose debt has been affected by a bankruptcy filing we can assist you by filing a Proof of Claim. If your claim is secured by collateral, we can obtain a termination of the automatic stay so you can realize on your collateral.

          Beyond these simple sorts of services for most creditors, we also represent major creditors in Chapter 11 cases. We can materially increase your return from a Chapter 11 case by doing more than is usually done for such creditors. This includes informed negotiations with the Debtor In Possession for preferred treatment in the Plan of Reorganization and a possible sale of your claim to a third party.

          Call us for a discussion of your situation and the remedies appropriate to it.

Our Philosophy

We help you chart a course through the often hazardous landscape of the legal process while never forgetting that you are in command; we provide you with guidance and expertise and place a strong emphasis on client communication so that you can steer our efforts in the direction that best serves your own interests.

Many other firms take an aloof and presumptuous approach to their cases, resulting in an expensive, stressful, opaque experience that is generally more unpleasant for their own clients than it is for the other side. This is particularly true of large firms, where overpriced and overconfident lawyers are more distant than the horizon and clients often feel that they are being taken for a ride on a bumpy road to nowhere.

Brentwood is different. Our lawyers have graduated from some of the finest law schools in the country (including UCLA, ASU, and the University of Chicago) and strive every day to build a law firm that is efficient, aggressive, and steadfastly devoted to each and every client, from the aspiring sole proprietor stepping into the entrepreneurial world for the first time to the well-established conglomerate looking for reliable and effective counsel in a fast-paced, high-stakes industry. Take a stride towards better legal representation by contacting us today.

Why Choose Brentwood

Arguing cases and negotiating resolutions are the life of any lawyer. Only some have embraced the qualities necessary to excel.

Great Attorneys

Trained at top schools, with experience to match - we know the game and can help you win.

Cutting Edge Technology

Solutions unknown to other attorneys are part of our everyday processes.

Business Mindset

Litigation is costly. We develop strategies to protect your bottom line.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Our managing partner, Stephen Brower, has been recognized by Southwest Super Lawyers in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. He has led the way in securing great results for numerous and varied clients.

Brent Carousel
  • Abromovitz Investment Properties, LLC v. Red Eyed Jack Sports Bar, Inc., et. al: Obtained verdict for $2.9 million plus fees, costs, and interest. Affirmed on appeal.
  • MidFirst Bank v. Graystar Holdings, LLC, et. al: Obtained confidential settlement post-judgment in favor of client.
  • Shaun Moore v. Peter Stephens, et al.: Enforcement of foreign judgment and settlement after seizure of business assets.
  • Rigoli v. 44 Monroe Marketing, LLC: Obtained judgment on multiple vendee liens against real estate holding company.
  • CSA8-Garden Village, LLC v. Main Street Ventures, LLC, et. al: Negotiated confidential settlement post-judgment against multiple debtors.

Meet Our Advisors

Each attorney on staff is an experienced advocate who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their legal goals.

Stephen Brower

Stephen Brower

Managing Partner

Confidential Consultation

Our Commitment to You


We are approachable, engaged, readily available, and highly responsive. In essence (and as many of our clients say), we’re easy to do business with.



We will explain, clarify, and remain answerable for our advice and actions, in an unwavering provision of strategic, end - to - end management of your matters.


We are genuine and upfront, willing to challenge your ideas and unafraid to provide bold advice to reach the most effective outcome.


We have a genuine, collegial approach to our work and client relationships. Combined with an across-the-board passion for our profession, we bring zeal and genuine willingness to go the extra mile.


Using lateral thinking, industry expertise, and commercial insights, we are able to confidently and consistently commit to a course of action in pursuit of the most efficient outcome - there is no fence sitting here.



We combine technical excellence with regular industry collaboration to achieve favorable outcomes from both a legal and business prospective.

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