Monsanto Roundup Trial

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Monsanto Roundup Trial

Your Case Worth will make sure your Roundup claim is heard at the nest Monsanto Roundup trial. Monsanto must be held legally responsible for their criminal behavior and forced to pay out their entire net worth to victims who suffered so much hard due to their product Roundup. If you or a loved one was exposed to Roundup’s toxic chemicals and developed cancer or another medical condition linked to Glyphosate, you need to be heard in a court of law. At Your Case Worth, we make the process of filing your claim a simple one that is free from hassles.

How Do I File Against Monsanto?

You could file a personal lawsuit against the company, Monsanto, but it’s easier to have your case added in to a larger claim called a class-action lawsuit, where many victims are represented in court. A class-action lawsuit gives the judge hearing the details more time to consider the gravity of the evidence and make their decision based on the overwhelming facts that many have suffered as a result of the defendant. While hundreds of thousands of individual cases could burden the justice system, a handful of class-action suits enable cases to move through the system quickly so that victims can receive compensation now, rather than months or years in the future.

Your Case Worth helps Roundup victims assess the worth of their case, create class-action lawsuits based on similar claims, and prepare the case for court. We can help you get ready for your Monsanto Roundup trial, so you won’t have to worry about the details.

Are Victims Suing Monsanto or Bayer?

You’ve probably heard the news that Monsanto sold out to Bayer during a multi-billion dollar trade deal- a tactic that was easily seen through by consumers and victims. Linking Roundup to a corporate name associated with baby products seemed like a smart move to Monsanto’s CEOs, but in the end, failed to win them any sympathy in the courtroom. Judges are currently ruling in favor of Roundup victims in massive amounts- in excess of $2 Billion, in some cases.

Bayer’s Hand in the Corruption

When Bayer acquired Roundup, many believed the company would finally do the right thing and replace their product’s main ingredient, Glyphosate- but they didn’t. Roundup is still on store shelves throughout the US and abroad, and is still causing harm. Consumers should be aware that nothing has changed except for the corporate name. Bayer sold out consumers in exchange for huge profits from their newly-acquired money-making weed killer, but the good news is that Bayer lawsuits are also making their way to court.

As you consider a Monsanto Roundup trial, you’ll find our team from Your Case Worth ready to help you in every way as you put together information regarding your claim. Reach out to us with a brief email communication to get your case started. We will expertly represent you throughout the process, ensuring your voice is heard.

Monsanto Roundup Trial
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