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Welcome to Brentwood Law Group

We are a full-service law firm with over 50 years collective experience in general business litigation, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, judgment enforcement, business transactions, medical facility development and operations, and appeals. Our attorneys trained at some of the best law schools in the country and honed their business and advocacy techniques at top firms before joining Brentwood. We practice client-centered lawyering; we put you first and ensure that our legal advice and litigation advocacy suit your broader personal and business goals. We can lower your legal costs because we are lean, efficient, and bill less than larger firms who cost more but do not guarantee better results.

Areas of Practice


We handle a broad range of transactional matters, including contract negotiation, contract enforcement, partnership agreements, asset-purchase agreements, real estate contracts, and business contracts.

Real Estate

We secure favorable results in real estate litigation matters, including wrongful lien, breach of purchase agreements, adverse possession, and commercial eviction actions. We also successfully litigate construction disputes, including disputes about construction defects, construction delays, design defects, non-payment, and mechanics liens.

Medical Facilities

We help physicians build and operate medical centers. We strategize, acquire permits, document transactions, create governing boards, audit policies and procedures, structure acquisitions, enforce reimbursement contracts, respond to claims for recoupment, and prosecute and defend insurance-related litigation. These services are all geared to help physicians go from concept to reality on multi-million dollar facilities.


The attorneys with Brentwood Law Group have practiced in Arizona bankruptcy courts for over 30 years. We also represent major creditors in Chapter 11 cases. We can materially increase your return from a Chapter 11 case by doing more than most firms do for their clients. These actions include informed negotiations with the debtor for preferred treatment in the bankruptcy plan and a possible sale of your claim to a third party.
If you are a smaller creditor whose debt has been affected by a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, we can assist you by filing a bankruptcy claim. If your claim is secured by collateral, we can obtain a termination of the automatic stay so you foreclose on or seize your collateral.

Creditor Rights / Commercial Collections

          We represent all creditors, including financial institutions, healthcare companies, and note/judgment holders seeking pre- and post-judgment remedies such as judgment, receivership, replevin, attachment, pre- and post-judgment garnishment, and post-judgment execution. We have successfully prosecuted actions for receivership, fraudulent transfers, trust fund doctrine, sham trusts, alter ego and piercing the corporate veil, and successor liability. We consult with clients at all stages of the collection process.

Our Philosophy

We help you work through complex legal proceedings while never forgetting that you are in command. We emphasize consistent, genuine client communication so our advice gets your results that best serve your personal and business goals.

Many other firms—especially large firms—seek fees that preclude businesses and individuals from obtaining necessary legal services. And many firms—large and small alike—treat clients presumptuously and impersonally, which leads to their clients enduring an overly expensive and stressful experience.
Brentwood is different—it offers the personal touch so many firms and lawyers fail to provide. Our lawyers have graduated from nationally-ranked law schools and worked in prestigious national and regional firms, so we offer top notch legal services. But we do not rest on our credentials. We instead strive every day to provide personal, efficient, proactive, and creative solutions for all our clients, from the aspiring sole proprietor entering the entrepreneurial world to established businesses seeking affordable, reliable, and effective counsel. Contact us today for help. 

Why Choose Brentwood

Arguing cases and negotiating resolutions are the life of any lawyer. Only some have embraced the qualities necessary to excel.

Great Attorneys

Our attorneys trained at top law schools and law firms before enhancing their practice at Brentwood. We know how to draft agreements that keep you out of court and aggressively litigate disputes when you are forced to go to court.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting edge technology to help you get better, more-efficient results. We provide real-time document sharing with clients. And we will adapt our practice to conform to your litigation-management and billing software. We employ document automation through HotDocs on routine matters and use elite legal updates and research software through Westlaw in complex matters.

Business Mindset

Litigation and legal work can be costly, but we charge lower rates than other elite firms and employ strategies to increase efficiency. We will work with you early to develop a budget and help you evaluate your business goals and legal needs. We draw from a wide range of transactional resources to avoid reinventing time-tested solutions. We obtain injunctions, receivers, and pre-judgment remedies as appropriate to minimize litigation time.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Our managing partner, Stephen Brower, has been recognized by Southwest Super Lawyers in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. He has led the way in securing great results for numerous and varied clients.

Brent Carousel
  • Abromovitz Investment Properties, LLC v. Red Eyed Jack Sports Bar, Inc.: Obtained verdict for $2.9 million plus fees, costs, and interest. Affirmed on appeal.
  • MidFirst Bank v. Graystar Holdings, LLC: Obtained confidential settlement to collect a $3 million judgment for MidFirst Bank.
  • Shaun Moore v. Peter Stephens: Enforced client’s foreign judgment and negotiated a favorable settlement after helping client seize the foreign judgment debtor’s business assets.
  • Rigoli v. 44 Monroe Marketing, LLC: Obtained judgment on multiple vendee liens worth over $1 million against real estate holding company. Affirmed on appeal.
  • CSA8-Garden Village, LLC v. Main Street Ventures, LLC: Negotiated favorable confidential settlement to collect a $2 million judgment for special-asset client.
  • Destiny Springs Healthcare: Established a 90-bed behavioral-health hospital in Surprise, Arizona. Applied for and successfully appealed request for special-use permit on Indian land. Successfully negotiated and drafted development and construction agreements, licensing applications, vendor contracts, and governing board policies.
  • Stanford University: Obtained successful settlement in an adversary proceeding for Stanford University in a Arizona Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Quarter Homes Bankruptcy: Obtained successful plan treatment of creditors in Arizona Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Meet Our Advisors

Each attorney on staff is an experienced advocate who is passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their legal goals.

Stephen Brower

Stephen Brower

Managing Partner

DeVon Veater

DeVon Veater


Confidential Consultation

Our Commitment to You


We are approachable and highly responsive. We know that our clients’ legal situations are often their most pressing concern; we act accordingly. Many of our clients retain us for all their matters because they believe we are easy to do business with.



We will carefully explain our advice and proposed actions. And we will remain answerable for our advice and actions. We will consistently, strategically manage your matters from their beginning to their successful resolution.


We are genuine and forthcoming. We will challenge your ideas and provide bold advice where necessary to help you reach your desired outcomes.


We approach to our work and our clients collegially and genuinely. We will zealously go the extra mile because we have passion for our profession. We stay current on our clients’ industries and educate ourselves about your particular business practices and needs. We combine this substantive knowledge about your business with our legal expertise to help you obtain outcomes that achieve your business and legal goals.


We consistently and confidently suggest concrete actions to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We don’t sit on the fence. Client’s seek our advice; we give it.



We combine technical excellence with regular industry collaboration to achieve favorable outcomes from both a legal and business prospective.

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